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The AiDEX™ Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) is indicated for continuous or regular monitoring of glucose levels in subcutaneous tissue, and is used for daily detection and self-management of blood glucose levels in people 14 years or older.

It is intended for use by patients at home and in healthcare facilities. Interpretation of the AiDEX™ CGMS results should be based on the glucose trends and 2 several sequential readings over time.

The AiDEX™ CGMS also aids in the detection of episodes of hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia.

Measurements should not be used to make treatment adjustments, but rather as a reminder of when fingertip testing is required.

This CGMS is suitable for people with diabetes who need regular blood glucose monitoring.

This sensor is applied to the Aidex Transmitter and has a 14 day sensor life with a 60 minute warm up period. 

The transmitter is purchased separately and used together with this glucose sensor base. When the sensor and transmitter are activated on the user's body, it measures and stores glucose readings as well as transmitting the readings to the AiDEX™ mobile App every 5 minutes via Bluetooth. No scanning is required to obtain results.

The glucose sensor package contains a sterilised glucose sensor attached to a sensor base and a sensor applicator. The package is sterilised by gamma irradiation.

Glucose calibration is not required but is recommended if your CGM readings do not match a finger prick reading taken with a reliable Blood Glucose Meter.

The readings are accurate with a MARD of 9.08% compared with venous blood reference in a multicenter evaluation study of 120 participants.


1 x Continuous Glucose Monitoring Sensor
1 x User Information Sheet

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not intended to compensate for diagnosis, treatment, cure, or mitigation of medical conditions. If you or a family member are experiencing any health-related problem, you should obtain medical advice from a certified health professional as this device may be harmful to your health. You are therefore advised to use this product with caution.

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