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  • - COMPLETE TESTING KIT -Test strips for pools and spas ready to use hot tub test strips for your convenience; tests for 7 parameters, pH, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid test strip
  • - ACCURATE AND FAST RESULTS - Pool testing kit for above ground pool, hot tubs, spas give results within seconds, strips come with a detailed color chart, detect low levels of impurities and chemicals, and strips help keep the water clean and safe.

  • - EASY TO USE: Simply dip the strip in water and compare it with a color chart for instant and reliable results, so you don’t have to worry about complex tests, pool and spa test strips are easy to use.

  • - LONG SHELF LIFE – 100 testing strips packed in one bottle and one storage bag; strips in an open package need to be used within 3 months, so you can test your pool water quality at regular intervals and don't have to rush using all 100 strips

  • - MULTIPLE USES – Can be used for both fresh and salt water pool, spa, hot-tub and all other water source

  • SJ Wave’s pool and spa test kit is fast and simple to use, eliminating the need of measuring complicated samples and knotty count drops. It can check the important chemical levels of your hot tub and swimming pool in just a few seconds. We aim to provide quick and easy water testing solutions, so you and your family can enjoy a fascinating afternoon dipping in your home’s cool and clear pool.

  • Why Choose SJ Wave

    We care about our product quality so you can use with confidence.

    Every batch of production is carefully inspected/tested before reaching to customers.

    Everything you need is included:

    - 100 strips mean 100 tests

    - Two waterproof colour charts

    - A testing tub for water sample collecting

    - Bonus eBook to better understand your pool and spa

    We are dedicated and passionate in providing customers the convenience of giving easy-to-use water testing solutions. These solutions are reliable in catering to perfect water balance so your family’s health is protected. Our aim is spread throughout our customers, and that is to ensure every buyer is happy and satisfied with both our products and services.

    Our pool and spa test kit is so easy to use that you no longer need any mail-in analysis or private laboratory testing. Your time and money are saved because this kit gives you fast and accurate results. You can do the job on your own by following the simple instructions given and depending on the color chart for results.

    Proper maintenance of your water’s chemical balance ensures you of getting the most out of your swimming pool and spa. There’s nothing to worry about when you have SJ Wave’s pool and spa testing strips. This is because our test kit helps you get the right chemical control for your water system. A well-maintained tub or swimming pool is very important for the health of you and your family.

    Choosing our water testing strips provides a comprehensive understanding of your pool, hot tub, and spa’s water balance.

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